Four Ways to Check If You Have Halitosis

Four Ways to Check If You Have Halitosis

Halitosis or bad breath is a condition where in a person has a noticeably  unpleasant odor on exhaled breath. Sometimes termed as “fetor oris”. It is a symptom which is generally acquired thru consumption of variety of food or can be a presenting sign of a chronic condition. Here are some tips on how to determine if you have halitosis.

  1. Sniff test – you can lick you wrist and let it dry for a few seconds then try sniffing to check it has an unacceptable odor. It may vary from mild moderate to severe.
  2. Ask someone you trust- if you are comfortable enough with a certain person. You can ask him/her to check if you have bad breath by talking to him and leaning over a distance where he/she can smell the air that you’re exhaling when talking.
  3. Spoon test – get a spoon and try to scrape the back of your tongue gently so as to not activate your gag reflex. Then try to examine the contents of the spoon, if its clear liquid to slightly whitish color then its okay. If its yellowish to brownish in color then it is most likely to produce an unpleasant odor.
  4. Self inspection through mirror- facing the mirror, try to inspect the anterior portion of your tongue. If it has slightly thick whitish film it is most likely to harbor bad odor. It is an indicator of micro bacteria harboring on your tongue which causes a certain unpleasant smell when mixed or contacted to other acids.

Though some cases can be linked to chronic disease (Gastro intestinal problems), most cases are closely related to poor oral and dental hygiene. So when you feel like you have halitosis or close to having one, always practice dental hygiene and visit your trusted dental clinic for regular check up.

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