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When it comes to brushing teeth, we all know and understand the paramount role it plays to keep our oral cavity healthy. However, have you given thought to the fact that you are still susceptible to decay and gum disease. Apparently, certain mistakes  or habits can contribute to an unhealthy oral cavity.

  1. Incorrect brushing technique

This is one of the most common mistake. Watch where and how your brush is going. In a haste, you might end up missing some areas. Always make sure you hold your brush at a 45 degree angle for effective cleaning. This will cover all the surfaces of your teeth. Also, keep in mind to brush in a circular motion, not up and down or back and forth. Or else, you’ll just end up wearing your teeth out.

  1. Not brushing teeth long enough

The recommended time to brush your teeth is two minutes. Any time less or more is going to harbor bacteria. We all are guilty of brushing less than two minutes. To ensure you don’t rush through the brushing process, keep a timer or use an electric toothbrush with a timer.

  1. Using the wrong brush

If the bristles are too hard – it’s going to prove detrimental to the gums. Opt for a soft or an ultra soft brush to avoid abrasions and minimize damage.

  1. No floss in your bathroom cabinet

Flossing helps to remove any debris stuck between your teeth, where the toothbrushes fail to reach. Most of us tend to neglect flossing, however it is one of the most affordable dental service that doesn’t require any sort of commitment, apart from doing it once a day. What better way to ward off cavities, right?

  1. Not replacing the toothbrush

The toothbrush must be replaced every three to four months. The usage of a toothbrush for more than four months will not guarantee proper cleaning as the bristles tend to get splayed out and are unable to access all tooth surfaces.

  1. Missing out on the electric toothbrush

An investment  that you need to make ASAP is the electric toothbrush. Why? Affordable, effective, easier, thorough cleaning and less gum disease.

  1. Brushing too vigorously

If you are making an extra attempt to keep your clean free from diseases by brushing too hard, apparently you are spelling out damage. It can cause the gum tissue to become loose and cause receding gums; which in turn may lead to tooth loss.

  1. Missed out the gum line

It is important to gently brush on the gum line. Bacteria tends to accumulate in the area where the tooth meets the gum. Make sure you always brush under your gum along-with the whole tooth.

  1. Too much toothpaste

The sole reason the required amount of toothpaste is about the size of a pea is because applying too much will just end up creating a lot of foam while you brush. And too much foam is going to make you lose track of which teeth and surfaces you’ve cleaned.

  1. You forget the tongue

If you think keeping your teeth clean and flossing is going to ward off bacteria from your mouth, then you’re wrong. The tongue is covered with bacteria and keeps building up unless cleaned thoroughly. Not just with a mouthwash, you need a tongue cleaner or the backside of your brush.

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