Why DIY Braces Is Bad?

metallic braces
08 Sep 2018

Why DIY Braces Is Bad?

Do It Yourself Braces or (DIY Braces) might be a cheap and tempting. It can damage your teeth and gums giving you more harm than good. 

What is wrong with DIY braces

Orthodontics is not just about placing metals, wires and rubbers on the teeth. It involves moving your teeth and jaws into precise position in order to achieve aesthetic requirements and better functioning that will positively impact the life of every patient and a result that more likely to last a lifetime. 


Closing the gaps in between the teeth and correcting the alignment and bite needs high level of skills and knowledge that takes years of studying in order to master. Attempting to move the teeth using DIY might lead to infection and serious gum, bite and teeth problem and can ultimately result to the loss of the tooth. 


The repair of this problems can be more times expensive that having an orthodontic treatment done by a professional.

How much will it cost to have professional orthodontic treatment

With the advent of technology, orthodontic treatment has evolved. There are different materials that can be used for orthodontic treatment that you could choose from such as having metallic braces, ceramic braces, sapphire braces, self-ligating braces and clear aligners.


Professional orthodontic treatment cost ranges from PHP 30,000 – PHP 300,000 ($600 – $6,000). It would be best to get a consultation with an orthodontist to know the best treatment options. 


Visit your dentist and avoid using DIY braces of any forms because it is not worth the complications. Straightening the teeth is always best done by the experts.

Looking for the best treatment? 



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